I recently purchased a new SIM. When I try to install WhatsApp, it asks for a PIN that was apparently created by the previous owner for two-step verification. What should I do?

  • I'm not sure I understood what is the problem - you purchased a SIM that had a previous owner? That's kind of unusual... Have you followed these steps? Aug 8, 2018 at 19:56

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I just experienced the same problem and according to WhatsApp support there is no real solution for it.

I also got a new SIM with a phone number that was used by someone else before. This previous users WhatsApp account had two-step verification activated which means I couldn't activate WhatsApp since it was asking for the pin that I don't have and that can only be reset with an e-mail adress that is not mine.

The answer from WhatsApp support is to wait 7 days and then I will be able to reset the account without the pin. They said there is no alternative or other way to speed up the process.

Update The account reset worked as expected after 7 days. Any messages that I might have received in the meantime were not delivered and deleted.

This whole process doesn't seem very optimal to me.

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