I did a bit of research on this topic, but I found no answer to this question. I am using android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) version of android on one of my phones. I want to see apps/files/data I sent to another phone using Wi-Fi direct. Is it possible to see apps/files/data I sent through Wi-Fi direct? I cannot find any option. I even searched "Files" but there was no option related to sent files/apps via Wi-Fi direct. Can anybody provide answers? Thanks!


I recomend you to try SilFer. SilFer can transfer files using Hotspot, WiFi, WiFi-Direct. The app is available for Android, Linux,Mac and Windows.

Download the app on Google Play:

SilFer File Transfer - Android Apps on Google Play

  • I do not want any app right now. I just want to see my history of files and apps that are transfered using Wi-Fi Direct. – Ren Aug 10 '18 at 11:46

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