Recently, the Navigation Bar (which shows the recent, home, and back buttons at the bottom of the screen) has disappeared on many common apps. There is a setting (Full Screen Apps) where I can specify which apps can or cannot run in full-screen mode. When an app is in full-screen mode, it hides the Navigation Bar until the user swipes up from the bottom edge. However, there are a large number of apps, mostly system and default apps, that run only in full-screen mode and the option to turn that off is disabled. When I bought the phone a few months ago, the Navigation Bar was always visible for all apps unless the keyboard was displayed. This is no longer the case, and that frustrates me greatly. I have to be very careful to gently swipe up from the bottom to see the Navigation Bar or I end up triggering an app button that's in that location or I start scrolling a list (such as the list of email messages). How can I get the Navigation Bar to be always visible in ALL apps.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 running version 8.0.0.

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