I've been using a new Lenovo Tab 7 Essential running Android Nougat for two weeks now and basically since the very beginning, I've been suffering from problems regarding the internet access. While I can connect to the WiFi with no problems at all, the connection to the internet drops all the time - though WiFi connection stays! It's like - I'm browsing the web, everything's great and then suddenly 20 minutes later when I pick the tablet up, no chance. Sometimes it's shown as "connected, no internet", other times simply "connected" as if everything was swell but you can't do anything on the internet. Everything just timeouts and there's that. When it happens, it won't connect automatically again - sometimes you have to restart the device, sometimes turn the airplane mode and off, once or twice I even had to restart the whole router for it to begin working again.

I have connected tens of devices to my router over the last months and none had this behaviour. Android, iOS'es, PCs, Macs, consoles - no problems at all. I'm using a 2.4GHz WiFi, tried both WPA2 and WPA/WPA2 security - no difference. Tried static and DHCP IP assignment - no difference.

What else can I try? It's driving me nuts, the device is basically useless like that cause I spend more time restarting everything I can until it reconnects than actually doing something on it...

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