so i do not have super trained ears, i'm not a music expert but i listen to a ton of music, mainly electronic daily through my Sennheiser hd 598 cs, they have a low impedance, how does the audio quality and the volume coming from the audio jack of an s9+ compare to some of the top devices in that department like the lg v30 the axon 7 or the one plus 3t? i listen to music through spotify. would i notice a significant difference in quality or volume in comparison with any of these devices with this pair of headphones or they would all sound slightly different but as good for me and i would not notice much of a difference? lastly i've heard about the viper app, does that make a significant difference in audio quality other than the volume and the customization in comparison to dolby atmos that's already in the s9+ or minor changes only?


s9 have a huge change compared to any other flagships.it have dual stero speakers with dolby atmos which gaves not only a better sound quality but also its meant to give surround sound experience(like in theaters).Also it gaves a great audio output the earpiece and bottom firing speakers gives a great audio experience.With dolby atmos u will get a great surround experience also.it have a 5-10% of improvement over others

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