I use Google Keep to remind me to-do things. The problem is when the reminder is set at night, when the phone usually is turned off, I can't get the reminder.


At 11 pm, I set the reminder to alert me at 8 am. Then I turn off the phone. After night, if I turn on the phone before 8 am, I get the reminder. If I do after 8 am, I don't get any notification.

I tried the app on two phones, it was working on the old one, but not on the new one, a Huawei P20 with Android 8. In settings I set the app to be managed automatically and then manually, with automatic startup and to work in background, even I've set the phone to ignore the app in Battery Optimization (which solved some problem), but still not working properly when turned off. I considered alternatives, as other apps (but I'd prefer to use Google Keep) or let the phone on (but sometimes I have to turn it off). I've thought to change app version, to install an old one, I still have to try. I tried to turn on Google Keep notifications from Google Chrome, but I can't seem to make it work. How could I do?


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