The problem is that whenever I take a picture withe the front camera on snapchat on my Xiomi Mi Max 2, is makes a horribly load fake camera shutter sound. I have tried putting the phone on mute/do not disturb and having the ringer volume, alarm volume and media volume on off and it still makes the sound. I have gone into the camera app settings and turned off the camera sounds, which works for my default camera app (I can take pictures on it with no sound) but it still makes the sound on snapchat. Does anyone know how to disable this uncouth sound?

I'd be surprised if snapchat made it's own camera shutter sound wich is'nt mutable, surely it just uses the device's settings and sounds right?

If i've posted this question in the worng place please could someone just point me to where I should be? thanks


First of all snapchat will access your mobile camera application because it has the permission given by the developers,one thing you can stop this by those following statements... Go to setting Then apps Then Snapchat Then click on launch button Then go to running apps Then just choose Snapchat and select stop, by this u can stop service of this appp.


If you have snapchat alpha enabled, turning on flash or night mode will disable the shutter sound.

To enable snapchat alpha right now in the new update, you have to open the snapchat map and search Bermuda. You'll find a ghost and that can enable alpha mode.


Easy solution - just press the moon icon on the top right corner of the screen on snapchat to turn on snapchats night mode and leave it on.


Snapchat doesnt directly use Xiaomi camera. It takes a Screenshot of what happens on the screen trough camera. It doesnt actually take a 'photo'. I read it in an article. Try compare snapchat photo with camera photo with xiaomi phone. The difference is absurd. Snapchat doesnt want to make a shtload of configuration for every android phone that is getting pushed out on the marked. Different resolution, screen ratio, camera, etc.. so they made a standard for probably all non-flagship phones i think. I got Mi Mix 1, this one is affected by this standard. :/


Go to your Camera app → open Settings, and turn off Camera sound. Because Snapchat uses the Xiaomi's Camera, it inherits this setting.


After a lot of struggle, I found a solution. It might not be a permanent one but for now it works. Just download an older version where the sound is not in the app yet.


Before giving access of camera to snapchat, turn off camera sound in system camera app, then open snapchat and give access to camera...

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