I recently updated my Chrome for Android (currently on v68) and noticed that tapping on the box icon (next to address bar) gives a tab list instead of SystemUI type overview that Chrome used to give. See the two images below for comparison.

I know that I can get that same view by swiping downwards from the address bar but I'm habitual of getting it from that box icon.

So what can I do to get back that view from that box without reverting to a previous version of Chrome and without switching to an another browser (unless it is Chrome based)?



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You just need to uncheck the "Simplified view for open tabs" box under Settings → Accessibility in Chrome app.



Per beeshyams's comment the culprit appears to be the flag Accessibility Tab Switcher. However, I also did a fresh install to reproduce the issue with all flags untouched and it was ruled out with that.

Talking about Accessibility as he mentioned, I attempted Safe Mode and found that the issue was gone. Later, I tried to stop all accessibility services under Settings → Accessibility, and using trial and error, found AutoInput to be the culprit causing the overview to flatten out. Stopping its service immediately solved the problem.

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    Type chrome://flags in address bar, search and disable Accessibility Tab Switcher
    – beeshyams
    Commented Aug 23, 2018 at 1:06

I fixed the issue by going to chrome://flags and enabled "Enable horizontal tab switcher"... Cheers

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