I just bought a cheap bluetooth keyboard to use it with my Huawei MediaPad M3 lite (Android 7.0). It works pretty fine but when I tried to change the language it does not work, i.e. it stay on English (US) (and I have Bulgarian too in the virtual keyboard). Here is how the settings for it looks like: enter image description here The problem is that I cannot add additional layout/language to the Gboard. It only allows me to select just one.

Strangely enough, the BT keyboard have a shortcut for switching layout (blue Fn + space) and when pressed the virtual keyboard switches the layout but the BT keyboard still uses English. I want to be able to add Bulgarian language to physical keyboard. How to do it? Is this problem solvable in Android 7.0?


I haven't seen that built-in any Android version so far but you can achieve it easily with a 3rd party software "External Keyboard Helper":


It includes support for Bulgarian typewriter and Phonetic layouts.

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