Is there any way to make the phone remember the ringer volume when the headphones are connected and disconnected(for both the cases). It does remember the media volume. The approach which I find in many forums is to use Tasker and set volume for the 2 profiles, namely, one when headphones are connected and when they are not. The problem with it is that when my phone is in silent mode and I connect and disconnect the headphones, the mode changes to ringing mode, where instead I want it to be in silent mode again.

I think that this problem can be solved using tasker but is there any easier method. Also if there is none, how do I configure tasker to perform the above approach(headphones disconnected && was silent mode then perform this; else that;). I hope what I want is clear. I will be happy to answer if you still have any doubts understanding the question.

I am using Oreo with a rooted ROM.

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