I'm considering buying the Oppo F9 Pro, which has a dual sim GSM slot. I currently have consumer cellular service with a nano GSM sim card. would I be able to import the Indian phone and use it here without any problems?

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A quick search brings up this site:


Which indicates that the Oppo F9 Pro would only have 2/2.5G speeds on some US carriers with GSM and NO support on the rest of the carriers for signal or speed. It would appear to be limited pre-2008 data speeds in the United States and presumably still usable as a phone/SMS on supported carriers.


As a more general answer:

  1. Look up what frequency bands are used by your carrier.
  2. Do the same for your specific phone model.

There are websites dedicated to answering this exact question, for example frequencycheck.com.

From this site (or a Google search), we can figure out that Oppo F9 Pro supports:

  • 900 (E-GSM) GSM
  • 1800 (DCS) GSM
  • 1900 (PCS) GSM

Now you'll have to compare this with whatever info your find for the carrier you wish to use, the website mentioned above makes the comparison a lot easier. Here's a hardcoded link for your device with "country" set to the US:


In short, you'll only get support for 1900 (PCS) on some carriers (GRPS/EDGE). No speeds to write home about.

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