I have old HTC ONE m7, and i tried to give a go and experiment with custom roms. I've been recommended this site as source for roms for my phone. And in brief instruction how to do that, it told me to:

  1. Boot into recovery mode
  2. apply from storage
  3. wait and enjoy new rom

It sounded very simple, but i stuck on stage 2, where instead being able to traverse trough my directories to select correct file, i got error

Find no match PARTITION: for package path /data/mediai/0/pt.zip

Can anyone help me and point me to right direction?

  • forum.xda-developers.com/htc-one. This link for htc one m7, here you can get instructions for unlock bootloader if required and for rooting, installing custom ROM, custom recovery etc. – Rahul Gopi Sep 4 '18 at 7:39

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