By default, many apps open links inside the app using an in-app browser. On Android, this is a version of Chrome, called Chrome Custom Tabs, optimised for in-app use (1).

When in-app browsing is disabled, clicking a link results in the default browser app opening and rendering the webpage.

To disable in-app browsing on the Facebook app, users can go to Setting > Media to find a checkbox related to this behaviour (2).

How can in-app browsing be disabled in the Facebook Lite app? This light version does not seem to include the same checkbox as the regular Facebook app.


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I have a solution for disabling Facebook Lite's in-app browser. What you need is a rooted smartphone and Lucky Patcher and that's it.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. Click/tap Facebook Lite.
  3. Click/tap "Menu of patches".
  4. Select "Change the app's components".
  5. Select "Disable components (pm disable method)".
  6. Scroll down and disable
    • com.facebook.lite.inappbrowser.common.BrowserLiteProxyActivty
    • com.facebook.browser.lite.BrowserLiteInMainProcessactivity
  7. Click apply then close.
  8. Launch Facebook Lite and open any link and see magic.

The new update (Version now open links directly opened in the browser instead of in-app.

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