I was writing a script and ran into some perculiar behaviour.

For instance, do something like:

mkdir  "/$newDir/"
cp     "/$oldDir/$oldPic.png" \

Then exit/open the Google Photos app, a new local album/folder, containing the new/copy image will appear.

But if I repeat the procedure, or make multiple copies of the same picture instead:

mkdir  "/$newDir/"

for xy in {01..10};
    cp "/$oldDir/$oldPic.png" \

ls -al "/$newDir/"

Only one image appears in the new album/folder, but ls clearly shows several. Add a unique image to the same directory, and it automatically (after restarting the app) appears in the album/folder.

So it seems like the pictures are compared for similarities, and copies are omitted, which seems odd. Especially because it's possible for consecutive identical copies to be seen occupying the same album/folder:

enter image description here

Can anyone explain what's going in here?

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