The vendors differ in their attitude to unlocking the bootloader. Some require codes for unlocking, some not. Some require proprietary, Windows-only software, other not.

Which of the vendors are friendly to people unlocking the devices and which not? Which of them require obtaining tokens, which require proprietary and not-cross-platform software? Which treat unlocking the bootloader as voiding the warranty?

This is only devices which can run Android.

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Please fill in the gaps!

Methods of unlocking

Unlocked by default or not locked at all

  • Fairphone
  • ZTE Nubia

Unlock with fastboot, no token needed

  • Google (excluding Verizon variants)
  • Huawei (very old models)
  • OnePlus
  • Xiaomi Android One devices (Mi A1, A2, A2 Lite)

Unlock with fastboot, token needed

  • Huawei (some models, mostly "moderately old" ones)
  • Moto (excluding carrier or Amazon Prime variants)

Unlock without fastboot, no token needed

  • Samsung (some models, often non-Snapdragon and non-carrier variants; requires enabling OEM Unlocking in Settings, or using official CROM Service app)

Unlock with proprietary software only, token needed

  • Xiaomi non-Android One devices (Windows-only software, unofficial flashers for other OSes - but still closed-source)

Note: There are some important changes regarding unlocking bootloader application status and reason on MIUI based devices:

The process is now simplified and the permission is granted automatically. You don't have to fill in the application form or wait for the SMS anymore. Login and head towards http://en.miui.com/unlock to download Mi Unlock Tool

Important: Bind your Mi Account in Developer options → Mi Unlock and follow the waiting period shown in Mi Unlock Tool

Not unlock-able (unless by exposing a vulnerability)

  • BlackBerry
  • HMD Nokia (Can be unlocked with a token, but only a few XDA members know how to obtain it, and they don't publish the method)
  • Huawei (application for Honor unlock code still in limited availability to XDA users here)

Effects on warranty

Does not void warranty

  • OnePlus

Unlocking the bootloader voids the warranty

  • Almost all retail Moto devices can be unlocked with a token, at least since the original Moto G... The list is quite long, but I don't believe any Amazon Prime or carrier branded Moto device can be bootloader unlocked. – acejavelin Sep 7 '18 at 22:34
  • No, not all Android One devices can be unlocked. Nokia devices are a good example, they cannot be unlocked officially (there are some hacks to do it on some models/versions, but nothing officially supported). – acejavelin Sep 7 '18 at 22:36
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    DC-Unlocker still offers service to read unlock codes of any Huawei device, though for a fee. Better than not being to fiddle with it entirely. – Andy Yan Sep 8 '18 at 1:52
  • Modified a bit. Not sure where Samsung devices fit in this list - they don't have fastboot but some of them are really easy to unlock (just flip a switch and flash away in Odin). – Andy Yan Sep 8 '18 at 2:01
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    HMD Nokia's unlock tokens are obtained by purchasing an unlock token from TechMesto. It isn't an "xda secret". techmesto.com/buy-nokia-bootloader-unlock-key – acejavelin Sep 8 '18 at 13:29

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