I changed my phone from a LineageOS (Android: 7.1.2 - LineageOS: 14.1-20180704-NIGHTLY-FP2) to regular Android and used my SD-Card on the first start-up of the new phone. The new phone (Huawei Mate 10 Lite) wrote a message about an unreadable SD card. I placed the SD card back to the old phone and got a similar message and the card needs to be formatted. (which I haven't done)

On my notebook I can find two partitions on it from the dd-image:

Disk ANDRO.bin - 63 GB / 59 GiB - CHS 7765 255 63
Current partition structure:
     Partition                  Start        End    Size in sectors

 1 P Unknown                     2048      34815      32768 [android_meta]
 2 P Unknown                    34816  124735454  124700639 [android_expand]

I've been trying to mount my image, but it's not working.

android_meta contains the TWRP-files for LineageOS and android_expand seems to be completely empty. I analysed it already with TestDisk and found nothing. I can't open TWRP any more on the Fairphone. When starting the phone using Lock+Volume Down I just see the "Fairphone" logo and nothing happens.

Can it be that Huawei just erased everything it could find on the card without a notification?

I found various information online on how to find the key for that decrypted android_expand. But in my /data/misc/vold is just an empty bench folder.

qohelet@laptop:~$  adb root
qohelet@laptop:~$ adb shell
FP2:/ # ls /data/misc/vold/                                                                                                                

I'm stuck now and don't really have much experience with these kinds of issues. What to do? Thank you

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