My proximity sensor is broken, and, Whastapp turns the screen off during call/audio. Not even power button will turn it back on.

All "solutions" out there tell me to clean the sensor. Impossible here.

How to disable this completely ?

I've tried Xposed's Disable Sensor module, entirely disabling this sensor or mocking it's values. No results.

I thought about revoking a sensor usage permission for that app, but could not find a module that has such an option

I can't remember if the problem happens during phone calls, but if the fix could be extended to this area, great

Xperia Z3

  • Sorry. Didn't work. Even with "Sensors" restricted on whatsapp. Wish I could send a screenshot – Lucas BS Sep 10 '18 at 14:54
  • On second thoughts, you can try applying to system apps (you can select system apps from the drop down) and select phone ( I am assuming it is phone app that is related to proximity sensor). If that doesn't help apply to all system apps. Nothing more I can suggest – beeshyams Sep 10 '18 at 21:23

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