I got an old and bricked Meizu M3 Note in order to fix it. The device isn't mine so I don't know what caused the brick.

The device doesn't respond to anything - when clicking the power button or trying to boot into recovery nothing happens, just a black screen.

I tried following many tutorials on xda and other sites, using SP Flash Tool, but nothing worked:

I tried flashing the stock ROM but still nothing.. The device keep connecting and disconnecting every 3 seconds when connecting to PC using USB cable.

After clicking the Download button in SP Flash Tool and connecting the device, an error message appears:


I'm pretty sure that the MTK drivers are OK coz I used them to unlock bootloader & flash TWRP on two other Meizu M2 Note devices and everything worked fine.

  • Windows 7
  • SP Flash Tool v5.1842
  • Please have a look at this video on MTK Backup & Restore using SP Flash Tool youtu.be/e2_U68EGSlY .. I've answered these questions many times, so for that reason i made a video on MTK Backup & Restores.... Ok so you need to backup your NV RAM and a few other thing's from the device ( in the description there's a link to specific image backups guide ) .. Once you have your backup you can do a device clone from another M2 using the info in the video and then restore the IMEI number etc.... – Gadget Guru Dec 13 '18 at 3:10

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