Every now and again on my phone (Galaxy S5 with Androind 6.0), I get a notification noise. I don't know how to describe noises, but it's sort of a ping-pong noise that various apps use. I think it's a default notification sound for this model of phone.

However, many times recently, after I hear this noise, I check my phone, and there are no icons in the top panel area, or on my lock screen, or anywhere else that lets me know what app might have made the noise.

I look through my usual messaging apps, and none seem to have a new message for me at that time. It's compltely unclear why my phone is giving me notifications.

Is there any way I can check or audit the status of notifications on my phone without going through each individual application and checking their notification settings? Does anyone have a recommendation for how to determine where this notification is coming from?

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