So I've tried to update the device, or - to be more specific - downgrade it from android 6 to 5 with an official firmware to do so. When I started, phone was at 100% battery, but the process bar got stucked for about 30 minutes at about 20%. I decided to turn the device off, in hope to just reset it, but it didn't turn on again.

when I hold the power button, i do feel the 2 vibrations, like I normally would when starting the phone. the screen stays black and nothing happens.

I tried to hold vol down and power, as well as vol up and power, but neither worked. How can I restore the phone? I don't mind loosing data - I've backed up everything yesterday.

  • That device is "Deadboot" or hardbricked. The best thing to do is to restore/re-flash it's firmware through PC. This will help. – TerribleDog Sep 11 '18 at 7:23

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