Rest of the error message: "Please try again later. If the problems persists(sic) please visit the Netflix website."

I successfully used Netflix streaming video for over a week on my new Xyboard 8.2. Suddenly, in the middle of a show, it started giving this error (and stopped streaming).

I tried other shows and different connections (WiFi and 3G). I uninstalled and re-installed the updates to the factory version several times. Rebooted several times. Called Netflix, who said I should contact Motorola and re-install from scratch. Rooted the Xyboard instead and installed from scratch. No change.

Netflix doesn't even think Xyboard is a supported device, although Motorola advertises it for the Xyboard. The tech said they haven't gotten a rash of calls about this error.

All but the "1009" in the error messages seems to have occurred many a time on other devices with lots of weird resolutions that don't seem applicable and the few I've tried.

Any additional suggestions?

This was the coolest feature I found on the xyboard.


I think it's Motorola fault and I've found temporary workaround for me (Motorola Xoom 2 / Android Honeycomb 3.2). Unfortunately only device factory reset is working. Before I had tried clear cache and data, uninstall Netflix app - nothing is working. Only factory reset.


Or you have not paid your service does not have a good internet connection. Check your account for view the payments

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