Whenever I try to flash TWRP I get

Custom binary blocked by FRP Lock.

I'm trying to flash with Heimdall.

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I rebooted into the firmware and went

  • Settings
  • Software information
  • Click Build Options 5 times

Then I went to

  • Settings
  • Developer Options
  • OEM Unlock
  • I did an FRP bypass, and then to make it permanent I did the OEM unlock followed by a factory reset. Commented May 30 at 15:11

On recent Android devices, when you have Factory Reset Protection, which is enabled automatically when you setup a Google account, custom binaries (the files that are not signed by the OEM) are blocked (custom recoveries, boot, etc) for security reasons as one can bypass that lock and gain access to your data.

So disabling OEM lock in the Developer Settings, which opens the bootloader to non-signed binaries, should let you flash any custom binary.


To recover your device, simply flash it with a stock firmware uing Heindall or Odin.

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