I'm in the process of putting a large amount of music ~1.5TB (in many folders) into a samba share on ubuntu. I'm wondering what a good application to stream this to android would be, currently I can access the samba share with es file explorer, but I don't think it will be good for playing albumbs. Testing it out, it could play individual tracks quite well, but I could find no play all option for a folder in any of its play options. I don't need album art or search by artist, just want to be able to play all songs in a folder quickly/flexibly. Thanks in advance for any tips.


There are a couple of good samba network music players available on market. For starters you can take a look at Soumi: Network Music Player

Its keys features include..

  • Plays music from shared folders on local SMB/CIFS network, e.g Windows share, WiFi drive, NAS, USB drive attached to router, etc.
  • Plays music from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV servers
  • Browsing and instant searching by artist, album, genre, and title
  • Find, browse and play music by folder

Note; It offers In-app purchases for certain features

enter image description here

Other potential candidates include Kodi (which I personally use but is a bit tricky to setup and consumes a bit more battery power) or BSPlayer which also allow playback of media files directly via Wi-Fi from your network shared drives/folders.

Another option is using DNLA or UPnP (only downloadside is you need to setup a media server at the other end. In that case you can use DLNA players like Bubble uPnP or Plex.

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