I have two recording apps on my Galaxy 8 android. "Super Voice recorder" which I use to tape meetings to create meeting notes and "Call Recorder" that records phone conversations. When I sync to my windows computer, I see all of my phone call conversations (from Call Recorder) as MP3 and it is in the audio file, but I do not see any of my Super Voice record files. The folder is completely empty but the app on my phone tells me I have 5 files. Where is it storing outside the application?

  • Check in the root folder - some apps create a separate folder there to store information – beeshyams Sep 19 '18 at 11:45

I Assume, you are using Super Voice Recorder from MeiHillMan.

He has mentioned the storage location of your files in

  • Play Store Page

    Audio recording files are stored into “AllVoiceRecords” in your SD card root folder. In addition to using the built-in player, you can use your device’s file browser or a USB PC connection to view, copy or share the files in the directory.

  • Android Application

    enter image description here

On Windows, if you can't see your files from Explorer, and you're familiar with ADB, open CMD shell and try this command:

adb pull /sdcard/AllVoiceRecords %userprofile%\desktop

You'll find a folder called AllVoiceRecords on your desktop

Otherwise, if you want to view your files via Windows Explorer, try media.Re.Scan application to scan your MTP media storage and update its information.

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