I have a rooted A500 with HC3.2 and I strongly believe that the focus problem is hardware. Since I'm under warranty I don't think I'll waste my time and send the tablet to repair.

Two questions:

How do I fully backup my device (let's say "snapshot") in order to easily restore all apps, wallpapers, settings, etc (possibly accounts too) when it returns? I can easily backup programs, but I don't know about their data. I also have a Bitcoin wallet there, so I need to back my private keys up in order to receive coins at the same address later.

How do I un-root and downgrade the firmware to Acer's original stock 3.0? When I updated Recovery I did a backup, so I believe the final step is to restore that backup.

By the way, does Acer consider rooting a warranty breach for hardware problems? I know many manufacturers don't care if you change their firmware when you send them a device with clear hardware problems, but they eventually restore everything to stock.


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I could have found the solution by myself. Not sure because I haven't tested it yet.

For the backup/restore: Titanium Backup (tutorial)

For the downgrade/unroot thing: first I could restore Acer's original recovery via Acer recovery installer, then I could downgrade to HC3.0.1 with this

I'll give it a try

It works perfectly!!!

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