Samsung S9+ user here.

On my old S6 I used to be able to enter a location in Google Maps, click the 'share' button, then click an option 'copy to clipboard.' This would copy a goo.gl link to the clipboard that I could then easily paste into messages.

On the S9+ this is no longer available. This is a problem.

I send anywhere from 50-100 text messages per day to my staff and each one has a Google Maps link... I can no longer just copy and paste this link, the only way I can do this is to 'share' the link via SMS to a random contact, cut the link, delete the excess text, then go to the staff SMS, and paste the link. It doesn't sound like much, but over 50 messages it's A LOT of work.

Any suggestions?



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Copy to clipboard option only appears if you have Google Drive installed. Alternatively, one can install "clipboard" apps available on Play Store for this purpose

Installing Google Drive fixed the problem as confirmed by OP

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