I usually have a lot of tabs open in my android's Chrome. Today i've opened Chrome and instead of it loading all my tabs it just displayed a new blank tab.

I'm trying to recover them. Most of them were opened a long time ago (>1 year) so it is unpractical to scroll through history to find all of them again.

I've read on this post that i can try replacing tab_store0 for an old "tab####" file. Indeed in data/data/com.android.chrome/app_tabs/0 there was a tab2131 file that is 104kB so it probably holds my lost tabs.

The thing is that even after closing chrome (force stop/kill cached process) and renaming tab2131 to tab_store0whenever i open Chrome it displays just a single "new tab" and the 104kb file is gone. (I have a backup, of course)


  1. Is there any way i can make Chrome actually read my tabs from that file?
  2. Is there a way to decode that file? I tried opening it but it is unreadable.

What i've tried to decode the file

I've seen in this post how can i export the list of open chrome tabs some commands. But i'm new to shell/bash and all this commands stuff so i'm a little bit lost.

after running LC_ALL=C grep -a -o 'http[[:print:]]*' tab_state0 on the adb shell i get no output and opening the file it is still unreadable.

This answer suggests a command to decode the file but i'm not sure how to ru nit. I saved it as a "tabScript.sh", put it on the same folder as the tab_state0 file and ran sh tabScript.shbut got a lot of errors

: not foundh[19]: while
: not foundh[19]: }
: not foundh[19]: do
: not foundh[19]: done

i've also tried the sed -i "s/.\{6\}http/\r\n\r\nhttp/g" tab_state command and it runs normally but the file is still unreadable

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