I have an old phone huawei y635 with android 4.4.4 kitkat, the problem is that all sms messages are messed up not following chronologically by date. I tried every thing I read on internet but no success(setting time by carrier, time zone by carrier, restart phone, power off then power on,..). One thing I haven't tried was a factory reset, I would like not to do it. I appreciate some help. PS: I installed from google store "sms time fix" but no success. thanks Vladi.

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Finally, after long research, I found a solution for my issue: I haven't payed attention to one detail of the messages that were out of order, all these messages have a blue mark at the top right corner in shape of a blue triangle, this mean that the messages were PINNED to the top list of SMS messages. The solution is to select these messages then select option to UNPIN them ! Now every thing is in order no need to download any (spyware) app in play store !

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