Found many Open Office viewer apps, but couldn't find a password protected ODS viewer ... I wonder why it was not ported yet - it is open source so it would be just an issue of converting existing code.

ODS password protection is by far a lot better than XLS password protection.

If anyone knows of an app or some other method I would be grateful :)


LibreOffice is currently being ported to Android. It's reported they are making good progress, but I couldn't find any planned due-date yet. According to the article linked, they focus on having a viewer ready soon, and add the "tons of features" later to make it a full-featured office app. See also here for the original source, including some screenshots.

Apart from that, there seems no app currently available to effectively handle OpenDocument. True, there are tons of office apps on the market/playstore, but they all stick with the MS formats. Which leaves us to hope for LibreOffice coming soon to the Play Store...

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