I'm using A2SD+ on my HTC Desire running on MIUI.
Currently only the app and app-private are under /sd-ext, but I'm running out of space very quickly :)

Currently my dalvik-cache consumes 46.3MB and the data takes 53.7MB of internal phone memory, so I think data will give me more value, but I'm not 100% sure of that either.

I know I can technically move both data and dalvik-cache to /sd-ext, but I understood there could be performance problems, but I need the space. So my question is which will have a lesser effect on performance? Moving the data or the dalvik-cache?

EDIT: Some tech info (if it helps):
My SD Card - Kingmax, Class 10, 16GB

I tested with SD Tools and got these results: Writing Speed: 8.7 MB/s
Reading Speed: 18.6 MB/s

Note that the test was on the FAT32 partition, I don't know if the EXT3 partition I use for the /sd-ext will be any faster. The /sd-ext partition is 1GB.

  • "Better" based on what criteria? Are you trying to speed up the phone or save space? It also depends on the particular apps you use and your usage patterns. Mar 5, 2012 at 18:28
  • I rephrased the question better - please see if this is a sufficiently clear question and reopen it.
    – RonK
    Mar 6, 2012 at 15:11
  • I'm still not sure it's really answerable, but we'll give it a chance. Mar 6, 2012 at 16:50

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As Matthew already stated, there's no unique answer possible to your question -- all depends on your usage patterns. Generally spoken, I'd say moving app data should be preferred: If you move the Dalvik Cache, it would affect all your apps -- while moving the app data only affects apps which store some data (and by "some" I mean "data size exceeds their Dalvik-Cache size"), so a good guess is it affects only a few apps. But this can very well be those apps you are using most, and which heavily access their data -- so it may or may not be the better choice in some cases.

Guess you've got to try. I'd suggest starting with the app data. A class 10 card should provide sufficient speed -- so if the results are acceptable to you, stay with this. Otherwise, go back and try with the Dalvik Cache. If this isn't acceptable either, the only choice left is buying a new device with bigger internal storage...

  • Summary of my attempts: APP - Good, Dalvik - Bad
    – RonK
    Aug 6, 2012 at 6:28

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