I bought a Samsung j3 phone second-hand but it still has the previous owners log in details. I tried putting mine in but it doesnt work. After the guy showed me that it works he reset it and now i can't put my log in details in and he worn pick up the phone or answer my messages. Is there anything I can do to get my phone to work?

  • Please do a factory reset from settings(all data will get wiped). And on reboot select option 'set up as new'. add your google account details, that's all. – Rahul Gopi Oct 11 at 13:42
  • @RahulGopi fat chance to get into settings if the device doesn't let you in due to factory-reset protection (FRP). // Anna: Please take a look at our factory-reset tag wiki, it has a section on FRP. Check if any of the linked solutions solve your issue. Then please come back here and let us know if you've solved it that way – or, if not, what you've tried and how it failed. Thanks, and good luck! – Izzy Oct 11 at 15:31

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