I have a Sony Google TV running firmware 3.2. Is it possible to install a simple SSH server and log into it remotely via SSH, and then issue commands to change TV channels, load websites in Chrome, etc? I've seen some similar questions on this topic, but nothing specific to Google TV devices. I tried installing SSHDroid and QuickSSHd, but the Market said that neither were "compatible with my device".

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Apps must be coded specifically to allow for installation on Google TV devices. In 3.2 update, Google even disabled side-loading of apps, so the old trick from 2.x days to install APKs via a dropbox account won't work.

Modders from GTVhacker site managed to find an exploit in Sony units that allows for installing a custom kernel and a rooted build of 3.2. With that build it's possible to enable side-loading of apps, and then you can install them via ADB:

adb connect 192.168.1.XXX:5555
adb install C:\path\to\apk\AppName.apk

Where "XXX" is the IP address of your GTV box/TV.

Keep in mind that the usual warnings of rooting apply, such as voiding the warranty, etc.

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