I've been through a number of steps attempting to save my device data.

I previously asked this question. Is it possible to save an encrypted data partition so that I can decrypt it later?

I couldn't find much outside help that addressed my problem directly.

The original problem was my samsung galaxy s4 became a soft brick. I could access TWRP recovery and the downloader but a normal boot resulted in a freeze at the yellow sprint logo screen.

The problem in TWRP was that my data partition is encrypted and due to this I couldn't do anything in TWRP except flash a more updated version of twrp. TWRP wouldn't give me the chance to enter a password to decrypt the partition.

I couldn't even wipe the device because of the encrypted partition.

Finally I flashed another stock rooted ROM. After this the device went to the point of allowing me to enter a password on a normal boot but it either doesn't recognize the password or that screen is just the next freeze point. I enter it. Nothing happens. Occasionally it will let me "try again" but as I start to enter the PW the device reboots.

Is there some default passwords I should try? Does anyone have any suggestions or a better place for me to ask these questions? I've tried xda my questions don't even get viewed there. I'm desperate to save my data. Please any attempts at help will be extremely appreciated.

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