The adb pull /system/media/audio command works on one of my phones to copy the folder to my PC, it copies the folder's contents recursively.

However, on my other phone the USB connector is broken, and the phone cannot get a USB data connection. The phone is not rooted and it's impossible to root without losing data. The apps FolderSync, ES File Explorer and ASTRO File Manager can't see the /system folder: they see / as empty.

My plan was (1) to use a file manager to copy the contents of /system/media/audio to /sdcard/audio, and then (2) to use FolderSync to copy /sdcard/audio to Google Drive. Step (1) doesn't work, I haven't found any app so far which is able to see /system. Also running ADB over TCP would require rooting the phone, which is not possible (because I don't want to lose data and settings).

Is there a way to copy /system/media/audio from this phone to my PC?

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What about using Termux and copy those files like this?

cp -R /system/media/audio /sdcard/system_audio

and then you can pull system_audio from your storage as usual.

For most ROMs, you'll want to grant storage permission tovTermux first:


and tap "Grant".

  • I was getting cp: ...: Permission denied until I enabled the Storage permission on the Termux app on Android 9. Then the copy worked. If you update your answer with that, I'll accept it.
    – pts
    Commented Oct 18, 2018 at 18:59

Setup an FTP server. I used this app. I set the login to anonymous, HOME directory to root (/) and started the server. I logged in to the server using my PC (used Linux; Windows natively supports FTP access too - try the answer here from Ashok). If you get into issues in using your File explorer to access FTP server, then simply fire up your browser and access the URL directly. It would be like ftp://IP_ADDRESS:PORT. Make sure to remain within the same Wi-Fi.

At first, I logged in successfully (Code 200) but naturally didn't see anything in FTP server (an unprivileged user). But I edited the URL to directly jump into /system/ and it did load successfully, all without root too. My URL was

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