I need to transfer some sound recordings from my Samsung Android phone to my computer, however when I view the phone's files on my computer, only image files (.jpg, .png, .bmp, etc.) are visible.

  • No .mp3 files from the /sounds/ folder are appearing.
  • No .mp3 files from my music albums are appearing (but the album cover photo is appearing!
  • No .pdf files from my /documents/ folder are appearing.

For all three of the above bullet points, the files are clearly visible (and accessible!) if I look on the phone itself, just not on the computer.

Originally I thought this was something wrong with my Ubuntu 16.04 computer, but then I tried on a different Ubuntu 16.04 computer and still couldn't view the files, and now I've tried on Windows 10 and still can't view the files on my computer!

What can I do to transfer these files from the phone to the computer? I do not have any memory card inserted into the phone, only internal storage.

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Set the USB Connection that pops-up on your status bar to File Transfer instead of Photo Transfer.

enter image description here

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