How do I execute captive portal?

On a Z828 from ZTE, Android version 5.1.1, I'm trying to get something like:


While Starbucks generally works for me, all too often, other networks, when using public Wi-Fi, simply give a notice along the lines of:


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Although nothing is quite on point, leaving me at:

Still can't connect?

If you still can't connect, please contact your Internet Service Provider, router manufacturer, or network administrator.

Which, simply isn't an option for most public Wi-Fi hotspots. Perhaps, there's simply no solution.

Incidentally, my Kindle connects to the Wi-Fi hotspot, then, of its own volition, brings me to the captive portal through datavalet. Seems specific to Android that I must first try to browse to a random website, which, sometimes, will then bring me to a captive portal. Maybe.


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It depends upon the firewall vendor and how they implement it. If you're using a Cisco, such as one of the Meraki devices- the captive portal spawns best under Firefox versus Chrome/ium or Opera. And also another way to catch it, is to

  • Disconnect from the access point
  • Clear any saved credentials
  • Re-log in

Take care to notice the notifications you're likely to get a prompt. Follow the prompts. If your AP is as I have mine set up, it is likely a click through the walled garden, these pages include a check box radio form entry field, You need to fill in the check, then click 'continue'.


If you can not get the splash screen to appear, this will bring the login page to your browser: http://httpforever.com

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    Explanation: Android needs to intercept the connection, but it's impossible if the site is HTTPS. Thus, any HTTP-only sites might help.
    – Andrew T.
    Mar 24 at 8:21

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