enter image description hereSo, I've been wanting to play PUBG for a while now, but my PC is pretty awful, then Mobile came out, and TGB didn't work properly, and I've been trying out several different Android OS, but all of them need a processor that supports SSE4.2+, so I checked out this Android x86 OS, the 32 bit version (the first one that booted, I'm pretty sure that the game wouldn't really work anyways since the version is 32 bits, but I wanted to give it a shot anyways), and well, I can't download anything from the Play Store or install any apk, I figured out a way to install apk from the terminal, and there I discovered this error. If anyone has any clues on this, I'd appreciate it a lot, thanks in advance!


It would seem that the cause is the ext3 partition.


The problem with this OS is that if you install it on a FAT32/ext4 partition, the grub doesn't work to dual boot with Windows, and if you install in NTFS, it dual boots but you boot without any free space on the OS

So yeah, rip lol

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