I booted TWRP 3.2.3-0 using fastboot, then followed #5 unlocking fastboot to install it permanently on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 cause of the problematic anti-rollback from Xiaomi. Next, I installed the LineageOS zip. It shows the LineageOS boot animation but then nothing happens. Even after waiting more than 1h it doesn't boot.

Things I tried yet without success:

  • 20181016, 20181003 and 20180926 LineageOS builds
  • Factory reset using TWRP
  • Advanced TWRP wipe with data, system, cache and dalvik cache
  • Disabled the installing of TWRP app after flashing
  • Deleted dalvin cache after flashing before rebooting
  • Flashing using adb sideload
  • Install LineageOS together with corresponding OpenGAPS Zip
  • Waiting ~20min in boot animation, force shutdown and start manually

What worked

  • MoKee booted shortly after the first try without google apps

Preparation for flashing

Before flashing, I used AIDA64 with the stock MUI ROM to make sure that the codename match:

enter image description here

So the whyred image is correct, which matches the information I read before buying that the global version is equal to Pro, where official LineageOS builds can be installed.

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