My Android 4.2 phone only has an option Erase SD card under System Settings, but not an option to format.

My card has read errors on some files I want to fully format it to check if it's just a case of logical disk errors (those would go away) or if it's hardware and I should replace it.

I did try this (what's to lose?) and it said Checking SD card and was done in a few seconds; that's what makes me ask the question.

Would plugging it into my Windows computer and formatting it there be better? Or running chkdsk?

I know that there is not really an old-fashioned formatting going on on SSD devices, but I want all card logical sectors to be scanned (read) for errors. Will 'erase' do that?

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Erasing the SD Card will format it. If you doubt it, then it would be better to use a card reader and format it via PC.


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