I am trying to unlock the bootloader of my HTC Desire 12+. I tried several tutorials but they all failed.

Here is what I did so far:

  1. I boot the phone into recovery mode
  2. Start the bootloader
  3. After the phone started the bootloeader I try to find it with fastboot devices form my desktop computer (connected to the phone via USB)

    PS C:\ADB> fastboot devices 5)
    d126ce6c fastboot

  4. I try to get the OEM identifier token

    C:\ADB> fastboot oem get_identifier_token FAILED (remote: unknown command) Finished. Total time: 0.000s

Here I am stuck. I read online that for some HTC devices I need to enter the recovery/download mode. However, I do not even find my HTC device (via fastboot devices) in recovery mode nor do I know what the "download mode" is.

Any ideas how to fix this?



I had the wrong fasstboot.exe file. It worked when I choose the one provided in the section "All Other Supported Models" on https://www.htcdev.com/

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