Somehow I blocked one number on outgoing calls and I cant seem to unblock it.

that number can phone me, we can text, and we can make Whatsapp calls both ways. I had my service provider have a look on the line, but no issue there.

When I placed my sim card in different phone I was able to phone the number. The 'block' is therefore not on the sim or at the service provider, but somewhere on the phone.

I am out of ideas where to look!!!


First you have to save his number then see his details in that phone you have blocked him/her and in details you can find block option from their unblock him or download Truecaller and after registered open app find that contact you have block open that contact in app and see in his profile if he is blocked then unblock him else it's blocked from main contact app.


Steps to block or unblock a phone number on your Samsung Galaxy S series

From the home screen, tap Phone.


Tap Settings.

Tap Call blocking.

Tap Block list.

There are three methods for adding a phone number to the block list.

Enter the phone number manually.

Enter the phone number.

Tap the green + icon.

Select a phone number from the call log.

Tap LOG.

Tap the phone number.

Tap the green + icon.

Select a phone number from the contact list.


Tap the phone number.

Tap the green + icon.

  • this blocklist works only for incoming calls – Suncatcher Dec 21 '19 at 16:51

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