I am trying to root my Xiaom mi a2 phone. But i am stuck on changing the active partition. When i enter "fastboot set_active b" it doesnt execute the command. Instead i get a list off all available commands which doesnt contain an option to change the active partition.

Console-Output enter image description here

I am following this tutorial: Tutorial

  • Please copy-and-paste the fastboot output instead of the screenshot. Screenshots aren't searchable, so they don't let people find your question. – Dan Hulme Oct 27 '18 at 14:24

I tried a lot of things, nothing worked until i came across this: minimal-adb-and-fastboot-tool-for-windows

Now i was able to set the active partition and install the root. I got no errors and everything seemed fine but i still had no root access. I found this tutorial: guide-how-to-root-xiaomi-mi-a2-magisk and it worked for me.

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