I have installed Advanced Download Manager (ADM), but when I try downloading a file from Chrome, it downloads the file with its Chrome download manager.

How to set-up ADM to intercept the download link on Chrome?


In addition to the recommendations made in other answer, do note a few things:

  • ADM can intercept downloads from within its own browser, not from other apps.
  • Apps which depend on Android's activity resolver (to show chooser dialog or "Complete action using" by sending an implicit intent) can forward downloadable links to ADM (and other apps which register preferred activities as downloaders).

    Apps can also query available activities for a certain intent (action, path and/or mime) type and then send explicit intent to an app chosen by user. E.g. Firefox looks for system's preferred activities for a given URL and mime type and maintains its own download preferences for all mime types.

    ADM - in its AndroidManifest.xml file - registers itself for android.intent.action.VIEW, category DEFAULT/BROWSABLE, scheme http/https, all mime types and a long list of file extensions. So do other apps like MiXplorer and Firefox itself. Therefore they appears as eligible candidates when (an app through) OS looks for a downloader/browser.

  • Xposed module "Download Redirection" can intercept all downloads which are forwarded by apps to Android's Download Manager (com.android.providers.downloads).
  • But for apps which use their internal downloader, links need to be shared to ADM or copied to clipboard so that ADM can intercept them.


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Normally ADM should be able to intercept downloads automatically provided its service is running in the background.

  • You can check if the setting is active here: ADM Settings → Automation → Autostart service (tick box).

  • Secondly make sure it is activated for both mobile and wi-fi networks ADM Settings → Automation → Only via wi-fi (untick)

  • Also here, you need to fine tune the settings for download interception such as enabling the option when battery is low, and excluded the app from battery optimisation.

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    I did those and it didn't, I contacted the developer and suggested that I share the web pages from chrome to adm browser – patrickdrd Nov 6 '18 at 18:21
  • 1
    Alright that makes I'm assuming the webpage in question doesn't have direct access to download links, perhaps due to recaptcha requirements etc, so this is the only way out I reckon – xavier_fakerat Nov 6 '18 at 18:26
  • it's a good alternative anyway I guess if you want the service running all day long – patrickdrd Nov 7 '18 at 19:04
  • 2
    @patrickdrd from your comment about contacting the developer, looks like you found the solution/workaround for your issue. It'd be great if you can post it as a standalone answer instead. That way, all solutions can be voted accordingly by its usefulness. Thank you! – Andrew T. Nov 7 '19 at 18:51

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