I'm trying to control my Android Box (running Android 6.0, my guess is a modified version of a phone's os, definitely not the official android tv os) via adb for a home automation project & I'm having a bit of trouble with some apps not responding to emulated keypress events. So far I've experienced the following results:

Apps used for testing

Xfinity Stream - Pause & Play both work (using adb shell input 85, MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE keycode)
Hulu - Pause works & Play doesn't (again using adb shell input 85)
Netflix - Both Pause & Play don't work (tried both adb shell input 85 & adb shell input 127/126, PAUSE & PLAY keycodes)

Has anyone else experienced this issue of inconsistency with apps responding to keypresses? Is there any way I can reliably simulate the Play/Pause for all apps?

System-wide the Power & Mute/Unmute work, so I'm curious why the Play/Pause doesn't.

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