I have a Galaxy S6 SM-G920F that will not auto-connect to WiFi starting several weeks ago. This appears similar to what is mentioned in Galaxy S6 and S7 not auto-connecting to WiFi except I don't have an AT&T phone and that mentions uninstalling some AT&T apps.

It doesn't matter what WiFi hotspot it is, it won't (Edit: rarely does) auto reconnect. If I click on the WiFi icon then click the hotspot name, it will connect.

Here are things I tried:

  1. Forget a hotspot then re-login with password
  2. Reboot the phone
  3. Toggle the "Smart network switch" and "Hotspot 2.0" advanced options
  4. Clear the system cache as described in https://thedroidguy.com/2018/10/fix-samsung-galaxy-s6-can-no-longer-connect-wi-fi-mobile-data-networks-troubleshooting-guide-1068247#Problem2

Edit: I noticed today that it auto-connected once. Also a couple days ago, I saw that once when I tried manually connecting, the status went back to Connecting.. then when back out, then went to Connecting.. then said it was Connected with no internet, then a few moments later it resolved itself and became Connected.

What else can I try, besides a factory reset? Has anyone else seen this issue on a SM-G920F model?

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