My Xiaomi A2 Lite flashlight illuminates whenever I get a phone call. How can I disable this feature?

I tried looking at Settings > Apps & Notification > Phone > Phone > App notification > Incoming calls. Unfortunately there is no "Flash while ringing" option there.



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Try this:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on System Apps.
  3. Tap on Phone Section.
  4. Choose Incoming Call Settings.
  5. Now disable “Flash when ringing” option.

Try this:

Open Phone App → click the three horizontal bars in the bottom left corner → Settings.

Alternatively, go to Settings → App Settings Section → System Apps → Call settings. You should now be in call settings. Now go to Incoming calls settings → Flash while ringing.

If you require pictures, you can follow the introduction and #3 in the 10 Best Xiaomi Redmi Devices Call Settings Tips & Tricks article.

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