Let's say I have this long one-liner command:

am force-stop com.example.foo; am force-stop com.example.bar; am force-stop com.example.foo2 am force-stop com.example.bar2; am force-stop com.example.foo; am force-stop com.example.bar; ps|grep example

When I copy-paste into terminal, it doesn't wrap as multiple lines like ordinary terminal do, instead it keep single line:

enter image description here

As you can see, I can't view whole commands in single screen when the cursor move to the end by copy-paste OR press End. It only shows partial commands and not able to re-copy part of command easily.

Desired behavior: enter image description here

Is it possible ? I learned that COLUMNS=150 can increase the adb command width from 80 to 150, but still I can't found a way to achieve this.

Note that I don't want to add \ manually which also not working when reuse the command: enter image description here


My workaround is use busybox sh, but still I welcome any answer to achieve this in native way without busybox.

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