My Settings app's screen goes black for a few seconds, frequently when I'm in the app management area of my device, an Asus Z8s Zenpad (Android 7.0). I could tell you all the symptoms of this device, but it'll be quicker to know how to determine if Man in the Middle (MITM) is the issue.

I have tried ESET, Sophos and several other antivirus programs with no luck. I performed at least ten factory resets / hard resets. The device has not registered any of the resets.

Can you provide a layman's rendition of those steps for determining if that's the case?

  • It's probably just a slow device. I get a similar issue on a very old tablet. – Zackary Nov 8 at 19:37
  • 1
    Update the title. No one would ever search "Big trouble, I think so". – HEWhoDoesn'tKnow Nov 8 at 23:24
  • Try logcat for troubleshooting. – Firelord Nov 9 at 10:16
  • Local apps like Settings app don't get MITMed, by definition. A MITM attack is an attack that happens to networked app, and when the attacker hasn't compromised the device. – Lie Ryan Nov 9 at 10:43

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