I can find apps in the store that give signal strength and tower location information, but does anyone know of any apps that report the phone tower's time zone information? If not, does anyone know if Android has an API to get this information?

My phone updated and now when the phone is set to automatic time zone, it uses the wrong time zone. Other people around me using the same phone provider don't have the problem, so I don't believe it's a problem with misconfigured phone towers. I don't know anyone else with the same phone as me, so I'd like to have an app that shows me the time zone that the phone tower is telling the phone to use, and compare it to what time zone the phone is actually using, so I can get evidence if there's a bug with the phone update.

  • Why was this voted down? What's wrong with the question? – zivkan Jan 19 at 19:25

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