I've got a Sony e4g which runs Android 4.4.4. MTKLOGGER doesn't appear in the apps screen, but it's in the list of apps in the settings app. I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I can't find it when I plug my phone into my laptop and look at the files.

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  • I've seen that. It doesn't work for me. I can't any files for MTKLOGGER so I can't find the config file. – Henry Nov 10 '18 at 22:29

Don't remove it. It is a logger by MediaTek and is safe. You can access related settings by typing ##3646633## in dialer.

You can find a log option to enable logging by the way it is not very useful for end user. It is there for debugging purpose for developers.


if you can't find MTKLogger shortcut you can open mtklogger using adb

Adb shell am start -n com.mediatek.mtklogger/com.mediatek.mtklogger.MainActivity

or terminal emulator

am start -n com.mediatek.mtklogger/com.mediatek.mtklogger.MainActivity

select setting and you can disable it.

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